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Star Wars: Episode 6.1 Glossary
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Episode 6.1: The Ancient Dark

Occurring some time after the Battle of Endor.

Opening Crawl:

The heroes of the Rebel Alliance have formed a new
GALACTIC REPUBLIC, but strife remains among
the stars.

The evil FLAME EMPIRE stands against the
fledgling Republic. Led by the Lady Anathema,
its dark forces scour the galaxy for ancient
relics of immeasurable power. What worlds
they cannot take, they burn.

As their legions threaten the peaceful world of
DEMETER, Republic pilots attempt to relieve
the struggling resistance, desperate for aid...

New Heroes:
Dev: an X-Wing pilot of the famed Rogue Squadron
Kinzi Talstar: a nerf herder and an all-around ne'er-do-well
Elika Saej: a spice trader of ill-repute and captain of the Dalliance

Old Heroes:
Luke Skywalker: a Jedi Knight and Hero of the Rebellion
Leia Organa: a leader of the Galactic Republic and Princess of Alderaan
Han Solo: a scoundrel and former general of the Galactic Republic

New Villains:
the Lady Anathema: a leader of the Flame Empire and Force wielder
Domeskus Pall: a mercenary-general, commander of the Harx Legion
Termon Willoxe: an officer of the Imperial Navy, captain of the Virulence

Old Villains:

Demeter: a breadbasket world in the Outer Rim
Had Abbadon: a capital world of the Flame Empire
Sullust: a fleet command world of the Galactic Republic

Other Entities:
the Galactic Republic
the Flame Empire

and the Dark
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