Author Topic: THE BATTLE OF CORUSCANT  (Read 23381 times)

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Nearly invisibly, an AVIT exits hyperspace far from the scene of battle.  Invisible to sensors, the only sign of its arrival is small change in light as it exits hyperspace, which would go unnoticed with the ongoing battle.

Standing on a very non-standard bridge for an AVIT, Ranes surveys what the various passive sensors and various hacked feeds and communications were showing him.  What a mess, he thought to himself.  He was glad he wasn't taking sides on this one, it'd be impossible to figure out who was on what side, as everyone was shooting everyone....

"Well, it looks like we're a bit early still.  Signal the other ships to exit outside of deep space sensor range and wait," Ranes ordered.  Ranes genuinely didn't care who won this battle, he just wanted the enormous resources that would be left behind from the disaster.  If things went well, nobody would even realize what he and his crews were up to.  And if they did....well, he'd either have to vaporize them or run very fast...
- Ranes