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Re: Corellia Shines
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Centerpoint Station

There are no words for what Melanie is feeling. They seem to blend together, one into another. She stands staring at the soldier, careful to keep her expression as neutral as possible where as not to frighten the others. An army of droids? The very thing Valerie had given her life to rid Corellia of was once again rising up to threaten it. But why would Judec risk such a thing, knowing what happened? History tends to repeat itself and the last thing anyone would want is another catastrophe. True, they may have been created to help the Confederation take on the Empire and such a measure might have been prudent had their population not been on the verge of enslavement and their former Governess murdered. If these droids are being manufactured here, it is a good bet the general populous is unaware of them. She highly doubts they would have given consent had the High Commander put it to a vote.

A new picture of Saga Judec was forming in her mind and now, more than ever, did she wish to speak to him and clear this up.

Melanie trains her gaze on Artemis, shoulders relaxed. She can feel the others watching her closely, waiting for signs the exchange had revealed something. Smiling, she speaks with words then directly into his mind.

"Very well, soldier. I hope we can be of assistance to each other."

("Two of my agents, Cirque and Denton, have also been compromised. The others are aware and have kept tight-lipped around them. Unfortunately, it does not appear we can leave this floor but that is not to say we will not attempt to disable the source of the implants.")

There is a hint of a smile on his lips, "Please let me know if there is anything you should need."

Melanie narrows her gaze, "I certainly will, thank you. We can help you defend this level if  necessary."

("Know this - Kimber Patten and her child must be protected at all costs. The fates of many depend on their safety. Their lives are more important than my own and their survival is my primary objective. Do you understand?")

He nods, "I appreciate that, Master Jedi. I only hope it does not come to that."

("Excellent. The Mandalorian is Patten's protector. She does not leave his side for any reason. The reporter, however, may be able to help us but first we must elude those among us who are controlled. Farmer, Denton and Cirque frequently leave and return to the executive floor. Their access can be used to our advantage if you can manage to accompany them. I can have the others ready but I need you to help us escape this level if we have any chance of freeing the others.")


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Re: Corellia Shines
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Centerpoint Station

They are getting ready to go.

That's all she knows since no one tells her anything. It's frustrating being the one in the dark, the pregnant girl everyone seems to think is beyond clueless. The one no one wants to upset. Kimber takes this in stride, quietly composing herself in the bathroom. She knows something is wrong. Frank and the Republic agents are behaving far too strangely. The others whisper and glance at one another like there is a big secret she's being left out of. She's not that dumb. She has mentioned nothing of this since she assumes they are to appear outwardly normal. Kimber is happy to play that role, to do anything to get her mind off giving birth while her people suffer not too far away at the hands of the Empire.

There was a time when she would have loved all the attention but it feels so far away now. Kimber stares at herself in the mirror, adjusting the frilly pink baby-doll dress over her swollen stomach so that the embellished ruffles fall against her upper thighs, leaving her tan, sculpted legs exposed. She struggles with the strap of the glittering pink heels she insisted on wearing. There is no law that says you can't be a pregnant fugitive and look good.

At least she's pretty sure there isn't.

Kimber tousles her bangs and smiles at her reflection. These superficial distractions keep the fear at bay. They have lived in the unknown for quite a while now and the anticipation is unsettling to say the least. She dabs frosty pink lipstick across her mouth, blots, then turns and steps into the small stateroom.

Rydan is arming himself to the teeth.

She stares quizzically at the weapons carefully laid out on the bed as he checks each one before placing them in holsters.

"Who are we shooting?"

He glances up quickly, eyes running the length of her body.

"That outfit isn't exactly...practical."

"Since when have you ever known me to be such a thing?"

"I'm just saying..."

She rolls her eyes up and grabs her purse, "Listen, I'm swollen, gassy and completely uncomfortable so the least I can do is be presentable, alright?"

"This isn't a runway. This is war."

"Life is my runway. Don't be so dramatic."

Melanie, Kent and that moderately cute solider guy return to the room. Based on their expressions, she can tell her ensemble is causing worry. The solider is staring at her legs. She blushes, tugging on a strand of hair.

"So, like, what's the haps? Why is everyone going all comando?"

Melanie steps forward, a stern look on her face.

"With the Empire coming to Centerpoint, we must be ready to move quickly."

"The station is surrounded by Confederation fleets," Kimber says. "Shouldn't we be safe in here?"

"Theoretically," Kent snorts.

Rydan punches him in the arm.

Melanie glares then turns back to Kimber.

"We will be just fine but remember we promised to help the Confederation for giving us sanctuary. The High Commander is counting on us to be prepared."

She nods, "Of course, I'll do anything I can to help Corellia."

Melanie seems satisfied with this response and they continue with the weapons and backpacks. As they move around the room, the solider tears his eyes away to glance out into the corridor. She can't remember his name - Arty, Armondo, Artemis - something like that but he seems awfully high strung. She supposes she would be too given the circumstances. She ponders the Empire clashing with the Confederation, an epic space battle with spectacular colors and shapes, and something strikes her.

"Is Karen coming?"

Everyone stops so suddenly, it's as ridiculous as it is obvious.

They all look to Melanie who drops her tone to that soothing pitch she only uses when she tries to make scary things less so.
"Why would you say that, sweetie?"

She shrugs, "Well, if the Emperor is all up in our business then it would make sense Karen would be with him. If they are coming here that would mean she is too."

Melanie smiles tightly.

"Come on, Mel. Work with me. Does Karen know where we are?"

Everyone exchanges tense glances.

"I have a right to know!"

Melanie sighs, "It is entirely likely she does, Kimber."

"Then maybe we can still save her."

The heavy pause that follows grows into an uncomfortable silence.
"Will everyone give us a moment, please?"

Rydan, Kent and the solider grab the rest of the gear and step out into the corridor. Melanie turns back to Kimber, speaking softly.

"While I always appreciate your idealism, Kimber, I do not think that is possible. You saw her on that broadcast."

"Oh, so what? An overzealous stylist and clever lighting can make anyone look evil. I'm not talking about how she looks. I'm talking about our friend beneath it all."

"I thought we discussed that. Karen is too far gone."

Kimber shakes her head.

"No, that's just what you think. No one is entirely good or evil, Melanie. We are all composed of light and dark. I have done things in the past that would be considered evil but I atoned for those sins. You speak of her like she's beyond redemption."

Melanie gasps.

"You think I want to believe that? She has chosen her side and made her allegiances known. Karen and the Emperor cannot maintain control so long as you and your child live. You know what the prophecy says. I will not let anything happen to you."

"Kent seems to think the prophecy is misleading, that we're all operating on misdirection."

"Kent Carlson is a reporter, Kimber. It is his job to speculate and draw wild conclusions based on very little information. Make no mistake, Karen Winton is not our friend. What we had together has been lost in the temptations of the dark side. The sickness that once affected Alexia so deeply now has Karen in its grasp. Her motives have been twisted by evil. We no longer mean to her what we used to. The Emperor has put a price out on all our heads, followed us across the known galaxy in an effort to hunt us down. Do you think she would have allowed this if there was still good in her? As much as I would like to believe she can be saved, I do not think she can be pulled back from the brink."

Kimber is distraught by these facts, unsure of any absolution. Can anyone be truly evil without so much as a glimmer of hope? The Hapan Consortium forgave her for her crimes against them and she was humbled by their mercy. Although she knows what Melanie says is true, there is a small part of Kimber that still believes Karen could be turned, that their presence and influence can break the spell the dark side of the Force holds over her.

She blinks back tears, "I just wish-"

Alarms slice through her words, red lights washing over them. At first they think the weapon is going to fire again but the tone is different than before. The solider appears  in the doorway.

"Proximity alarms!"

They move into the corridor, falling into a wide line with the others. Kimber strides toward the massive transparasteel viewports lining the hall, watching the stars beyond them as the unmistakable shapes of Imperial Star Destroyers begin to appear out of hyperspace. One after another, the ominous and sleek triangles fill the sky. Swarms of fighters swirl like a cancerous cloud from the hangar bays, lighting up the darkness with red laser fire.

Kimber Patten folds her hands protectively over her stomach as the cam pulls back slowly, turning them all into silhouette's against the frames of the windows and the chaos erupting around them.

Elsewhere in the station, the terrifying visage of Alexander Winton is smiling as the lines he had so carefully drawn across the decades finally intersect.

Here at Centerpoint, it all ends.


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Re: Corellia Shines
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OOC:  My rough, rough, rough diagram of  Centerpoint, and where things are within it.  Obviously, a three dimensional diagram would be more helpful.

The Giant sphere in the center is viewed from the side.  Ki = where Kimber, Melanie, and Co are located. A is where Alexander Winton is - rouhly on the same level as Kimber, but in an area separated from them by the large void in the center. P is Centerpoint's power source that lays at its heart.

The two cylinders that stick out are a poor illustration, considering lower levels are outer levels.  Landing platforms lie on both sides of the spinning cylinders, with M=Mara trying to get in near one.  The large droid armies being constructed are also in the lower levels.
 _______________________   ^^^^^^^^   _________________________
[_L_____________________()Ki__[    ]A___()________________________L]
[______________________()_____[    ]C____()________________________]
[_____________________()______[ P ]______()_______________________]
[______________________()_____[    ]_____()________________________]
                                        vvvvvvvvvvvv                                     M

Centerpoint Station

The alarms sound throughout the station.  Proximity Alert.  After months of the theatrics of war, a back and forth at border worlds, the Empire had finally come to face it's first true enemy in a generation.  And it would be here that the Empire would fall.  Dementat would die.  Darth Kyja would die.  The new grand admiral, Schrag would die.  The last vestiges of the imperial fleet would be destroyed, crippled beyond repair.

And Alexander Winton would sweep in and take everything.  He stood in the executive chamber, staring out the viewport as the imperial ships arrived.   And they would find a huge surprise awaiting them.

The imperials had calculated a maximum size for the Corellian fleet, based on their estimations of population that could be induced into the service.  They had not been able to take into account the massive droid forces that Winton had been building in secret.  The fleet that stood here, guarding Centerpoint was more than a match for the imperial fleet, especially after their crippling at Corellia, just a short while ago.  Even as the majestic horrors that were star destroyers appeared, the Corellians began moving to intercept.  Massive COrellian Dreadnaughts, the more agile Corvettes, and a variety of other ships, some of which had never been seen before.  THe imperials were well equipped, and soon, there was a massive firefight going on outside.

Winton smiled.  It was beautiful.  Every death was another foe he would never have to deal with again, Corellian, imperial, or otherwise.  But this battle had to end a very particular way.  In the distance, he could see the sleek elegance of the Super Star Destroyer, the Emperor himself no doubt on board.

He pressed the comm button.

"Proceed to fire on the target"
"Yes, Director"

Over the whine of the proximity alarm, a new warning alarm began to buzz, The roof of the central sphere opening, the massive satellite-like device extending out of it.

"Centerpoint on Lockdown in ten seconds ..."
Loud speakers across the station relayed the countdown.


"Lockdown has been initiated.  Power diverting for Weapon activation in 30 seconds"

This had happened not long ago.  Everyone seemed both stunned and prepared for the lockdown, the lights dimming as power diverted.  Doors locked, and a collective breathe was held.

30 seconds later, upon completion of the countdown, a bright bean of light burst from the satellite, heading toward the Saevia's Revenge.  But it hit a different target - An ISD-II, a few clicks from the SSD shuddered as it was caught in the beam of light. It began to shake wildly.  And then, as if it was made of foil, it crunched in on itself, small bursts of fire appearing and extinguishing as flames burned up small bits of oxygen before hitting the vacuum of space.

Alexander Winton smiled as he watched the attack.  Sure, he could fire on the the emperor. But then he wouldn't have a chance of coming here.  And Winton had plans for the Emperor, and for his daughter.  It wasn't their time to die.  Yet.

Artemis felt very much out of the loop as the jedi and the pregnant women started talking about someone else.  He had been introduced to them, but still, he felt very out of the club.  Karen?  Karen who?  Apparently, it was the Emperor's love interest, but all this talk about  going bad, the dark side, redemption, were way beyond him.

He recognized the proximity alarms before anyone else, and everyone went to watch as the battle began.  The Empire was here.  And Artemis honestly wasn't sure who he would prefer to win.

A victory for Judec would make him that much harder to beat.  A victory for the Empire could mean the destruction of Corellia.  Neither option suited him.

That was when the second alarm went on.  They were firing the weapon again.  Something he didn't believe was possible this close up, but apparently, Judec and his engineers had mastered that little task.

Then he realized he had a chance.  HE hurried over to the jedi, leaning in and whispering.

"If they are firing the weapon, it may give us the opening we need.  Once Director Farmer and your two agent friends come back, we need to restrain them and use the next blast from the weapon as our chance to deactivate their neck implants."

As if on cue to demonstrate his point, the lights flickered and died at just the moment that the streak of light illuminated space, heading toward the imperial ship of choice.

Melanie nodded, listening to Artemis even as she watched the destructive power of the weapon firsthand.
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Re: Corellia Shines
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OOC: I love rough, rough, rough diagrams!

Centerpoint Station

A colorful array of laser fire produces quite the spectacle.

The layers of alarms echo through the corridor, creating a musical chaos. As Artemis leans in to whisper to Melanie, Kimber watches in horror as the beam lances out to crush the Star Destroyer. She leaps forward, banging her fists against the transparasteel, screaming Karen's name. It can't happen like this, it just can't. After all they had been through together as friends, this seemed inappropriate and unnecessary. Surely they could work this out. The mind of a romantic idealist cannot comprehend the mechanics of war.

Rydan hovers nearby, watching her sadly, wondering how Kimber could see it in her heart to forgive a friend who wants her dead. These things are what set her apart from the others, what makes her better than all of them. Melanie, being a Jedi, sure has no hesitation making such a distinction. She sees only black or white, good or evil, friend or foe.

As if sensing their plans, Frank Farmer exits the supposedly locked down lifts with Agent's Denton and Cirque in tow.

"Ohhhh shit, it's going down now," Kent hisses under his breath. 

"Pipe down, Carlson."

Melanie straightens, holding the saber hidden beneath her flowing white robes.

"Director Farmer, we were hoping you would come. I see Centerpoint's defenses are remarkably prepared for the Imperial assault."

He simply nods, directing his attention to Artemis.

"Soldier, why are you not with your squadron?"

The response is practiced and smooth.

"Sir, I was told to secure the guests and remain behind to provide security."

Frank's eyes are cold, "That was not your directive, soldier."

Kent and Rydan stiffen as Denton and Cirque raise their weapons.

Frank steps past Melanie and seizes Kimber's arm, pulling her toward him. She cries out, surprised, and stares up uncomprehendingly into his face. Rydan reaches for his own blaster but Melanie raises a hand to stop him.

"Ow, Frank!" Kimber squeals, struggling. "You're hurting me."

"You are coming with us, miss Patten."

"What? Where are we going? I don't want to go anywhere, I like it here, I'm comfortable here, here is good."

He tightens his grip causing her to gasp.

"Let her go, Director Farmer," Melanie says evenly.

"I'm afraid that's not possible, Jedi Masterton. Miss Patten's presence is required elsewhere."

"She stays with us."

Frank's face trembles, a thin layer of sweat dotting his brow. His expressions vary as if he is struggling within himself and based on the information provided by Artemis, she knows he is waging a war against his own mind. He cannot be blamed for these actions but she will be damned if she allowed him to continue them.

Artemis stands rigidly beside her, waiting until the secondary alarms begin to cycle. The countdown blares through the speakers, lights dimming. He glances at Melanie. Frank glares with Kimber in his grasp. Denton and Cirque are devoid of emotion, holding their blasters firm.

The weapon fires again and the lights die out.

They follow Melanie's lead as she ignites the saber and steps forward, bringing the glowing blade up and through Denton's blaster with a singular motion. She hurls him against the far wall with a flick of her wrist. Artemis is on Agent Cirque, swiping the weapon upward as it fires before swinging inward to land a solid hit with his elbow. He tumbles back and falls to the floor. Rydan decks Farmer while Kent snatches Kimber away as he loosens his grip. He lunges at the Director, taking him to the floor and holding him roughly as he snarls and shouts.

Artemis quickly descends on the fallen, shouting out instructions to Melanie and Rydan as they disable the neck implants controlling their friends. The lights come back up in the wake of their attack.

Frank is breathing hard, staring up at Rydan in confusion.

"Relax, Farmer. You are free now."

He sits up, blinking, until his eyes focus on Kimber. His promise to Major Patten rings in his head, guilt crushing down. He almost hurt her. The very girl he swore to watch out for, the daughter of his dearest friend and mentor, the sister of the only woman he ever truly loved.

"I'm...I'm so sorry..."

Kimber drops beside him and throws her arms around his neck. He is the last anchor she has to a life she once had on Corellia, a connection to the past. She does not ask about the implant or whatever the hell the others were talking about. All she is thankful for is that he is back on their side. She helps him to his feet, squeezing his calloused hand tightly.

Kent and Rydan help the others up. They are dazed but functional, knowing better than to ask questions when the battle rages just beyond the windows. They have control of themselves and that is all that matters.

Melanie pulls open the bag of weapons.

"Arm yourselves, gentlemen. We do not have much time."

There are no disputes.

With the saber still humming, Melanie advances toward the lifts.

Everyone assumes defensive positions, keeping Kent and Kimber in the center of the group. Kimber slings her purse over her shoulder and hefts a blaster of her own, falling into step beside Rydan. She may be pregnant but that doesn't mean she's not packing some heat.

At the lift controls, Melanie turns to Artemis.

"Take us to the power source and we shall end this. Together."


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Re: Corellia Shines
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"Maybe it terrifies me
(It's too easy)
This quiet siege
(It's too easy - to wish you harm.)
Maybe it terrifies me."


Centerpoint Station

The Imperial fleets exit hyperspace into the unexpected. Confederation forces lie in wait around the station, seemingly prepared for their arrival. Alarms blare as evasive action is taken, the Emperor barking orders from the command center with his beloved standing right beside him. She tries to be strong for him in the wake of this nightmare. The fighters are deployed and the capital ships engage the Corvette's.

Volleys of turbolaser fire target the enemy.

To anyone other than Karen, this all might seem a fluke. But she knows better. She knows her father had anticipated their arrival with a cool calculation only he had the audacity to flaunt. It is then she realizes that Alexander Winton has always played upon Dementat's tactical brilliance and grandiose rage. He had been playing them all from the beginning in so many different ways. Sad, though, that only now does her lover see that her fears and reactions hold a terrifyingly tangible merit.
No one is prepared for what happens next.

Captain Sienna spots it first, shouting to the Emperor. A satellite-looking device extends from the opened central sphere, aimed in their direction. The beam that fires from it washes over the ISD-II to their right but instead of the damage everyone is expecting, the Star Destroyer folds in on itself as if it was made of nothing more than paper. The crew is stunned but outrage soon overtakes them.

Dementat turns to her, a grave expression on his face.

Somehow the Confederation had not only managed to activate the long-range capabilities of Centerpoint but focus it on a much more precise target. This significantly tips the balance as similarities to the Death Star over Endor are inevitably drawn. In that scenario, Karen thinks with a sickening certainty, the underdogs toppled the Empire.

So perhaps they have a shot against the Confederation.

Dementat narrows his eyes as the weapon fires again, this time crushing several squads of TIE-fighters and severely damaging another ISD-II.

"Target the satellite. Take it down. Now. I want that station crippled and our focus on the Confederation fleets."

Captain Sienna nods, "Yes, your Highness."

His eyes meet Karen's briefly but she does not smile.
As the Emperor coordinates with the other capital ships in terms of strategy, Imperial strongholds throughout the galaxy are being summoned for reinforcements. The Interdictor's loom in the distance, waiting for orders. They could sweep in on either side of the station, if they made it without being destroyed, to use their own gravitational weapons against Centerpoint to weaken its defenses. Opposing gravitational fields could possibly neutralize the effectiveness of the beam allowing them an opportunity to destroy the satellite.

Karen grabs her com and orders a squad of dark troopers to board her shuttle and wait.

Dementat turns to her once again, feeling her restlessness.

"My place down there. He must be stopped."


"Don't say it. If I'm not out in time you have no choice but to destroy it. This is an outcome I've accepted if it means taking him down with me."

They share an extended gaze, filled with so many unspoken words.

There is no time.

He embraces her and whispers, "Be careful, my love."

"Me?" she smiles deviously. "Always."

Private joke, not really funny now, given the circumstance.

Karen turns on her heels and strides from the command center, steeling herself on the ride down the lift, feeling Melanie and Kimber's presence very strongly now. They are so close. Within reach. She touches her earring, opening the channel with an ally who has hopefully made it inside.

"Mara, it's me. I'm going to make a break for the station but I need a technical readout for the most practical entry point from my current position."

Exiting the lift, she moves swiftly through the hangar bay toward her shuttle. Another wave of fighters whiz past, joining the battle beyond. At the ramp, she can see the polished black uniforms of the viciously armed troopers which will accompany her on this mission. Normally, she prefers to work only with Mara but their expendable presences would provide cover fire and distraction.

Hearing nothing, she touches the earring again.

Please, please be alive.



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Re: Corellia Shines
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Centerpoint Station

At the lift controls, Melanie turns to Artemis.

"Take us to the power source and we shall end this. Together."

Artemis shakes his head

"I never found it though.  Director Farmer?"

Frank Farmer, who was still reeling from the past nodded.

"It's a bit of a walk to get to, and we'll have quite a few obstacles to deal with.  Plus.  There's him"

Melanie looked to Farmer with a look, curious but sensing she didn't want to hear the answer.


"Alexander Winton.  I don't know how, but he's alive.  He's running the show here."

The room goes deadly silent.  It was unbelievable. No one in the room could understand it.  Only Artemis, who really knew nothing about Alexander Winton, didn't understand the significance of the statement.

"Well, whoever is in charge up there - this Winton, or Saga Judec, we're going to have to stop them. And we're going to need help.  The station is full of good Corellian soldiers who have been abducted by the Confederation.  If we destroy the control center, they should all be free.  And they can help us make sure this station never fires again."

Farmer inputs the codes, and the lift doors open.  Everyone begins to move forward, but he puts his hand out.

"No - this is going to be dangerous. Too dangerous.  You need to get off this station.  You need to make sure Kimber is safe.  We all know what's at stake here.  Artemis and I will deal with the command center.  You all need to go"

Artemis stepped into the lift, glad to be free and working with Farmer, and finally making progress. There are protests among the others, but Farmer quiets them down, then steps in beside Artemis.

"Wait five minutes, then the turbolift should come back for you. Head to the landing platform, grab a ship, and get out."

He looks to each of them solemnly

"I'll right the wrong here.  Just go"

The lift doors close.


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Re: Corellia Shines
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Centerpoint Station

As the lift doors hiss closed, Frank Farmer's words seem to hang in the air. They crystallize in the stunned silence that follows, an aftermath of the unbelievable.

Kimber is the first to speak, shaking her head.

"No, that's not possible. Alexander Winton is dead. Dead! I left him in that dreadful prison on Hapes to be executed the following day. Counselor Erin's confirmed this."

Kent arches a brow, "As intriguing as it is, do you think Farmer is lying?"

"Why would he lie?" Rydan asks plainly, body tight with dread.

"Perhaps the effects of the implant have not fully worn off."

The Republic Agents remain silent, knowing very little about this person.

"I do not sense that he is being untruthful," Melanie says softly.

Kimber gasps, "I don't want to believe he's lying either but how can that be true? How can we be certain this person, whoever it is, is actually Alexander Winton? Maybe he just..."

"Just what?" Kent counters snidely. "Just looks exactly like him?"

"That does seem highly improbable, Kimber. He is rather distinctive."
"Maybe he's a clone."

This throws everyone.

Kimber shrugs and continues, "It's not like the Empire hasn't utilized the technology before. Hello, Stormtroopers! If he really was acting Imperial Director, he was bound to have a backup plan. As horrified as I am, I don't know why it surprises me. Nothing surprises me about that man."

"You really are far more clever than you seem," Kent says, almost sincerely.


Melanie waves a hand in front of the group, "We do not have time to debate semantics. Farmer is right about one thing. We need to get out of here. I should never have brought us here to begin with."

"That's a first," Rydan says. "Admitting the mistake."

She flinches, glancing down.

"Alexander Winton puts things in a frightening perspective. This is a man who orchestrated the most vile acts against us all. He is the one responsible for where we are right now. It makes sense he would manipulate the High Commander into offering us sanctuary then stash us here within his reach as Karen and Dementat come crashing down. Whatever plans he had for us, they end here."

Kimber's eyes widen.

Rydan grips his blaster tightly, "Then I say we blow this joint and not give him a chance."

Everyone agrees as the lift doors reopen for them just as Frank said they would.

All they need to do is get to the hangar bay.

As they step inside, Melanie turns around. Her expression is calm but not an entirely true reflection of how she feels. Escape the clutches of Alexander Winton yet again after all these years.

Something tells her it is never going to be that easy.


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Re: Corellia Shines
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Centerpoint Station

Karen listens closely as Mara relays the information, a fresh wave of dread washing over her. A droid army converging within the station bent on destroying the Empire and stamping out their efforts to stop her father.

"Stay there, I'm coming to you."

She cuts the signal before Mara can protest. There is a compulsion to rush in for the rescue that she simply cannot explain. She and Mara had grown close in the time they had spent together. Karen considers her a friend and there is nothing she wouldn't do for her friends. Still, with the fleets being battered by Centerpoint and the Confederation forces, she must warn them.

Dementat answers the com angrily.

"Darling, we have a problem."

"You don't say."

"Sarcasm isn't helping! My father has activated a droid army inside Centerpoint. I wouldn't be surprised if the Confederation ships aren't being operated by them as we speak. Didn't I mention it?"


"My bad! Then you better listen up. This is what he intended to build in the factories we destroyed across the galaxy. Clones and droids to replace us and the Empire. Mara has breached the station but she's in trouble. I have to go to her."

"Karen, that's suicide even with your abilities."

"Perhaps," Karen says, considering this. "But I must help her. She has done so much for me and for us. The droids must be controlled from somewhere on Centerpoint. Find the source and stop the Confederation. I'm going in."

"How do you know you'll even make it?"

"Because he'll allow it."


"Goodbye, lover mine. I wish you well."


She cuts him off too. It's not something he can talk her out of anyways. As much as she loves him, there is a greater purpose here. No one would be safe if her father and his plans proceed. Risking herself for Mara, Dementat, Melanie and Kimber could save them all and she wonders, boarding the shuttle, if he knew this would happen when he sent Agent St. Claire to retrieve her from Hesperidium. Did Alexander Winton know she would be faced with such a choice - her life for theirs? And if so, did he bank on her selfishness answering that question for him?

Karen has grown to see the larger picture and everything at stake. This is why she nods to the dark troopers looming ominously in rows and assumes the controls, guiding the shuttle out into the massive firefight taking place beyond the Saevia's Revenge.

The shuttle weaves through the crimson lances of turbolaser blasts, twirling around as it speeds toward the station.


Byss: Imperial Capital

Orbit: ISD-II Corporeal Quandary

It is the last remaining capital ship in orbit. Everything else had been called away. Reports are streaming in of the damage and losses. The terrifying effects of Centerpoint's weapon. The crew grows restless, angry.

Admiral Landon Price glances down at the message scrolling across his screen.

An executive order from Darth Kyja.

The last ditch effort to try and save their Empire from the Confederation.

He inhales sharply, steeling himself against the inevitable of what she is asking of them. Alas, her will would be done.

Admiral Price turns and addresses the crew.

"Prepare yourselves. Tonight, we join them in battle."


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Re: Corellia Shines
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Centerpoint Station

Melanie takes several calming breaths as the lift begins to slow. They would be reaching the hangar bay shortly. So many things cross her mind that connect the past to the present moment. It seems that even now they were running around in Alexander Winton's maze. Her escape from Hesperidium and acceptance into the new Jedi Order may have been part of his plan all along. The prophecy, their roles in galactic affairs, a shallow hope of overcoming it all to create a better future for everyone.

How quickly her halo had become a noose.

Her self-righteous indignation had led them to a trap within Centerpoint that she is determined to get them out of despite what it may cost. Farmer had his own fight and she respects that. The thinly veiled fury she now feels for the High Commander of the Confederation fortifies her yet she is careful to keep the balance from shifting too far on the side of anger. Winton had manipulated everyone and Judec was no different. He is as much a victim as they are but she has grown tired of the title.

It is time to be a champion.

The lift doors hiss open to reveal a silent corridor. Nothing moves. Lights flash in cycles but the hall is free from the alarms they just left. Gripping the lit saber, Melanie steps out, reaching out through the Force to feel for any signs of life. The Agents follow her slowly with weapons raised. Kimber and Kent exit next followed by Rydan.
"I do not like this."

"What's to like?" Kent hisses.

"Can it, Carlson."

Kimber sighs, "Shouldn't we be like, escaping or something?"

Agent Cirque nods, motioning with his blaster.

"The hangar bay should be at the north end of this corridor."

"Wait," Kent says, stopping everyone. "How do we know he's not leading us into a trap?"

Rydan groans, "Seriously?"

"Oh, so we're suspicious of each other now? That's lovely."

"Need I remind you they had implants controlling them up until ten minutes ago!"

Agent Denton shakes his head, "You don't have to worry about us."

"What are you saying, Carlson? You don't trust us?"

Kent gasps, waving his blaster around.

"I don't trust any of this. First Alexander Winton's been dead for years then he wasn't then he was again and now, he's here, pulling the strings of Confederation soldiers, a former CorSec Director and unsuspecting fugitive houseguests all while a pregnant fashion model carrying the Force messiah parades around in haute couture and heels! Tell me that doesn't ring a little false?!"

Kimber frowns, pulling on the hem of her babydoll dress, "Wait, I thought you said you liked my outfit?"

"He does," Rydan growls. "He's just pissed he didn't scoop these fun little facts before they were presented to us. Stop acting like the journalist and focus on survival. You can fill in the color commentary when we're off the station."

"That is to say we're even going to make it off the station."

"That's a dreadful thing to say! Even for you."

"You think Winton, a man who has been pushing your pretty little buttons almost your entire lives is just going to let the blond bombshell Jedi Master waltz out of here with us? I don't think so."

"Enough," Melanie says sternly. "Turning on each other is what he wants. Let us not make a mockery of Frank's bravery or our perilous predicament. So do me a favor and focus."

Trembling overhead. The walls shutter, lights dimming momentarily. That's when the alarms begin to whine through the upper floors.

Kent smirks, "Guess 'ol Frankie found what he was looking for."

And then they hear it. Clicking noises, growing louder to become a march. Massive figures fill the opposite end of the corridor with countless pairs of red glowing eyes.


They dash in the other direction, scrambling around the corner into the hangar bay filled with light transports.

The droids pursue them.

They find Confederation soldiers scattered across the floor, some coming to, others completely out of it. Frank and Artemis must have deactivated the controls. The soldiers are free. There is no time to celebrate as the droids pour into the hangar and open fire. Rydan pulls a screaming Kimber behind a stack of crates as Denton and Cirque return fire. Melanie twirls the saber, deflecting shots back the way they came. Kent is freaking the hell out, firing wildly. The Confederation soldiers rally and take on the droids with them.

The stand begins.

Several transports are riddled with blaster fire and explode, engulfing the soldiers nearby. The blasts are deafening as are the screams that follow. Danger is everywhere. Droids spread like cancer, advancing without fear or hesitation. They scan the room as if looking for something, the Confederation soldiers merely side-effects. When a lone Magna-Guard zeroes in on the crate's Rydan is firing from behind, it lunges. That is when Melanie realizes they are searching for Kimber. Agent Denton comes to the conclusion as well and leaps in front of it, firing up into its expressionless metallic face. The Magna-Guard swipes the blaster away and spears Denton with its charged electrostaff, hoisting him up high into the air. Denton coughs, gripping the staff for support but his arms buckle and he slides forward. The Magna-Guard grips the other end and pulls the staff the rest of the way through Denton's body, allowing him to collapse to the ground.

"TRACE!" Rydan shouts, moving away from the crates as he fires.

Kimber grabs his belt and heaves him back behind the cover.

Melanie side-steps, slashing through the staff before throwing out her hand to send the Magna-Guard sailing into several others, tangling their gears in each other as they fall.

Chaos erupts.

As the fight escalates, no one notices a lone flaming shuttle crash and skid against the far wall but they are quickly brought to attention when black suited Stormtroopers appear on scene. The Empire has infiltrated the station, Melanie thinks with horror. The troopers, in their own right, do not know exactly who the enemy is. Are the droids part of the Confederation? The matter is settled when the woman steps into the fray, backlit by the flames of her burning shuttle holding a glowing saber matching the color of her hair.

(cue the ominous music and close-up cam shots)

Melanie's eyes widen as she breaths in a slow gasp of realization when Kimber shouts something she was praying she wouldn't.



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Re: Corellia Shines
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Centerpoint Station

"I'll right the wrong here.  Just go"

The lift doors close.

Frank Farmer's face has a resigned look of sadness. Artemis, on the other hand, was finally fired up.  No matter what, it was ending, and he was going to be a part of it.

"Did you figure out how to deactivate the system?"

Frank nodded

"Yes, though the trick is going to be keeping it deactivated long enough"

They reach the cooridor, a long, wide hall that curved around the edge of the central sphere.  Corellian troops were moving at brisk paces, passing them and paying no mind.  Obviously, Director Farmer and the young soldier had their own business to attend to. No one knew they were playing for the other team. Of course, the soldiers were mostly automatons at this point.  Intuition wasn't a big thing for drones.

Frank leaned in to Artemis, whispering

"follow my lead. Don't say anything"

Artemis nodded.

They rounded the corner and reached a very, very heavy blast door.

"What if we see him?"

The thought had crossed Frank's mind.  Soldiers wouldn't realize.  But Frank Farmer had no doubt that if Alexander Winton ran into them, he would know instantly that they were no longer under his sway.

"We won't"

It was more of a prayer than a statement but that was the way it had to be.  As was the next course of action.  Farmer pulled out his security card and swiped, the blast doors opening, one behind the other to reveal a massive room filled with computer equipment.  Dim lighting contrasted with bright LED lights - screens were covered with hundreds of miniature graphs, monitoring brainwave functions, and sensory readouts allowed a primitive visual of what soldiers were seeing.

The display was interesting in its own right. The appearance of several imperial transports, carrying grunt stormtroopers to their slaughter.  It would take many, many transports for the empire to get a foothold into the station, many more to win any real part of it. But the empire, if it had nothing else, had soldiers to spare.

But then, so did the Confederation.  Armies of humans and droids at Alexander Winton and Saga Judec's disposal.  This could be a very drawn out, bloody battle.  Which it obviously was meant to be.

The room they were in was interesting in that it carried not soldiers but scientists mostly, none of which carried any of the implants. All were willing workers of Alexander Winton.  A single MagnaGuard Battle Droid stood as sentry inside, away from the prying eyes of those in the halls.  Red eyes stared down at Farmer accusingly.

One of the controllers stood and approached.

"Director Farmer, do you have new orders?"

Farmer nodded.  Without moving his face or shoulders, he let a small object drop from his hand and fall to the ground.


A bright white light lit up the room, a loud crash sounding.

Moments later, the light was gone, the magnaguard droid flailing blindly, its optic sensors damaged by the flashbang.  Farmer already had his blaster out, firing several shots at vulnerable locations, the droid dropping.

Then he turned to the scientists.

"Everyone, back away from the machinery"
A few scientists tried ordering soldiers to their aid, but a blast from Farmer knocked out those controls.
"Let's make this go quick and quiet.  Artemis, the door"
Artemis moved to seal themselves into the chamber, then deactivating the door controls.
Next, firing on cameras looking INTO the room, trying to leave the monitors of those looking OUT intact.
Farmer, meanwhile, had rounded up the controllers, ushering them into a small closet at one end of the room, and jamming the door to keep them inside.

"alright, to work"

They begin moving across the controls, trying to find the off switch, as if there was only one.  It was several minutes of this before they got the first sign of trouble.  Someone was banging on the door outside.

Looking up at the monitors, they saw that they had company - a contingent of MagnaGuard droids was accumulating outside the blast door, and was beginning to find their way in.

"We don't have much time.  Any more of those flashbangs?"
"It won't work on such a large number of them.  I do have one other trick though."

Farmer moved behind the computers, grabbing a small sliver of metal, no thicker than a pen and poking it through the ventilation shaft.
The sound of grinding metal against metal was heard, a screeching and then a silence. Brief but poignant.  The cooling system of the massive computers had been outwitted by a scrap of metal.
Pounding on the blast doors was growing more insistent, and even the strength of the doors would not last against the increasing number of droids and weapons.
Alarms began sounding as the system began to slowly but surely overheat.
Farmer turned to Artemis, that sad look back in his eyes.
"You need to finish what we started.  Save your friend, Della. Save the Corellian soldiers.  Get everyone to the docking bays and off this cursed station."
"What about you?"
Farmer took a deep breathe.
"I'll make sure that the computer are shut down for good before the droids get in to stop.  But you shouldn't be wasting your time here.  You have other things you need to do.  Go"
"Go - that's an order!"
Farmer helped Artemis onto a chair and up into one of the ventilation shafts that led out of the room.
Artemis turned after him.
"Don't worry, I won't be far behind you"

Artemis disappeared, and Farmer turned his attention to the door, slowly caving in under the oppression of the droids outside.
He closed his eyes and recited a silent prayer, grabbing a small round object from his jumpsuit

"I'll right the wrong here."

The blast door finally caved under the pressure, MagnaGuard droids bounding in.  Hundreds of shots fired instantaneously into the man's body and he collapsed to the floor.
The droids had already forgotten him as they tried to undo the damage to the machine.
As the life left his body, he dropped the small object, eyes closing as it beeped loudly.
The thermal detonator, dead man switch armed and activated, let out a massive explosion, erupting and sending droids, computers, and the body of Frank Farmer flying.

Artemis was already many meters away when he heard the blast.  He glanced behind him, fearing what he knew to be true.  He would have gone back, but he knew he had a task. and his own orders.  He had to go on.

He made his way through the shafts, toward the lower cooridors in hoping of finding Della.
Throughout the station, thousands of young Corellian soldiers felt a moment of seering pain before waking up, weak, tired, trying to get a sense of where they were and what had happened with their lives over the past year.  Some did not survive, the sudden shock to the implant killing them instantly.

The healthiest, and most ready, were those from Artemis' own bunk, who had been freed by night of their zombie like state.  Even without Artemis, they began to rally those around them, in hopes of seeking their freedom.
Alexander Winton knew something was wrong.  His line of vision had been compromised.  The Corellians were free.

Apparently, he had miscalculated something.  The power of the will to be free.  No matter.  It just meant more humans had to die today.

And speaking of death, he smiled as he saw the surveillance video, the imperial shuttle landing. Smiling from the office of the High Commander, he watched as among the chaos, his daughter appeared.  Right on schedule.

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Re: Corellia Shines
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Centerpoint Station

The blaster fire is deafening but when Kimber spots Karen through the fray, the excitement cannot be contained.


For a moment, she believes Melanie is absolutely wrong and Karen has come to save them all and they can fly off together into the darkness of space back to Imperial Beach in the shadow of the Bolerathon Tower on Hesperidium where they would play in the sand with her son Riley while perhaps snacking on some finger sandwiches and knocking back ridiculously fruity cocktails. This is the vision that propels the word out of her mouth, echoing over the din of the battle.

Apparently, Melanie does not share this sentiment and turns to shout.

"Get her out of here!"

Rydan reacts in the steadfastly singular way only a Mandalorian can, whisking her away in the opposite direction with Kent and Agent Cirque trailing behind. The Magna-Guard's loom before them one second then are swept aside the next. Rydan does not question this and utilizes the opening to get them out of the hangar bay altogether. Back in the corridor, Kimber struggles to run-waddle in heels that make a clicking sound against the bare walls. Rydan refrains from scolding her for the impractical ensemble and focuses on the escape.

"Wait," she pants. "Shouldn't we be escaping on a transport?"

Agent Cirque turns to fire at a Magna-Guard now lurching after them, "Too risky! We need an alternative."

"Any suggestions would be nice!" Kent shouts, forgoing his blaster for furious typing into a datapad.

Kimber scoffs, "You aren't seriously writing about this? Are you?!"

"How is anyone going to know what happened?"

"Tell them later!"

"And if we perish?"

Rydan angles left at the junction, growling behind him.

"I'm half tempted to leave you behind to find out. Now shut it and keep moving!"

"Where are we going?"

"Seneca? You had access. Where to?"

Agent Cirque finally takes the legs off the Magna-Guard, "There is an auxiliary bay for cargo at the other end of the hall. Go!"

The group hurries down the corridor as Magna-Guards, realizing the target is on the move, now pursue them vigorously. Kimber can barely keep up despite Rydan practically dragging her along. She is winded, drained, and frightened. The droids attack mercilessly, blaster fire spraying showers of sparks as they strike light fixtures and control panels. Agent Cirque realizes they are not going to make it and when they pass through the set of blast doors at the end of the hall, he stops short.

Rydan turns abruptly, "What are you doing?"

"Get her out."

"What? No, Seneca-"

"Get her out!"

Kimber gasps, shaking her head, reaching out.


Agent Cirque slams a fist into the controls, sealing off the hall before blasting them entirely. He turns back to face the wave of Magna-Guards bearing down, slipping a detonator from his pocket and arming it. As he is riddled with blaster fire, thrown back against the doors, the detonator drops and bounces twice as the Magna-Guards converge over him. As it detonates, the corridor and everything it in is consumed in a fiery explosion.


This sacrifice has bought them some time. Rydan darts into the empty expanse of the cargo hangar, moving quickly toward a heavy transport. It would have to do. He releases Kimber's hand and gets to work on the controls. The transport is predictably locked but perhaps he could do something about that. Kimber leans against the hull, catching her breath while Kent sighs in satisfaction. He had completed his story, their story really, with Karen Winton and Melanie Masterton locked in battle aboard the Centerpoint Station while the Confederation and Empire duke it out in the surrounding space. It really is a defining moment. Smirking, he turns to them.

"Now, for a gripping headline-"

The electrostaff cuts through flesh like butter, eviscerating Kent through the middle, blood splashing over Kimber's dress as she screams, Rydan staring up at the Magna-Guard clutching the other end. Kent's mouth fills with blood, eyes wide. Kimber instinctively, desperately, reaches out, trying to free him but the Magna-Guard swipes her out of the way after identifying her as the target. She must be neutralized but unharmed. Rydan raises his blaster as the droid pulls the staff back out of Kent, letting his body hit the floor with a wet slap. Blood pools around him fast but Rydan is firing, shouting obscenities loudly. The Magna-Guard jabs out, catching him in the side, all the way through. He cries out, turns and knocks the staff away before snapping it with his boot. Unfazed, the Magna-Guard rams into him, sending Rydan careening backwards. The droid raises its arms, slamming down in an attempt to crush him. Rydan rolls left then right, evading the mechanical menace but in a fateful turn, the Magna-Guard's fist connects with his chest so forcefully he can actually feel something rupture, several ribs snapping instantly. He snarls, jamming the blaster up into its mid-section and firing wildly, blindly, as sparks spray across the hangar bay until the Magna-Guard collapses.

Groaning, Kimber pulls herself up slowly and when she takes a step forward her water breaks, splashing down over her feet. She sniffles and bites her lower lip. He knows her well enough to know exactly where her mind goes.

Rydan sighs, "Oh, just say it."

"My shoes!!" she wails.

He winces, barely managing to stand. His vision is a haze of colored spots, chest a bruised mess. He cannot even begin to wrap his mind around what's happening beneath the surface so he does not.

Not right now.

It's time to pretend for her sake.

"We'll go shopping. Imagine all the heels you can buy with the millions of credits you have."

" shopping..."

"That's right, you do. So we have to get you out of here."

She screams again, clutching her stomach, "AH! The transport?"

"It won't open."

Kimber is rapidly losing it, practically unhinged.

"Well if I'm going to have a baby in this fucking station it's not going to be in a fucking hangar bay!"

Rydan's bloody smile calms her somehow, "Fair enough, girlfriend."

They cross the hangar and climb a set of stairs which thankfully leads to a deserted hall bathed in a soft white light. Somehow this section of the station is not filled with alarms but then again, no one really knows where they are in a place this size. They could be anywhere. He reads the layout attached to the wall carefully, locating the universal medical symbol and praying for miracle. Grinding his teeth at the pain, he manages get her to what appears to be small infirmary, neatly stocked but not exactly capable of handling anything extensive. They would have to make due. He has never delivered a child before and, he muses sadly, perhaps he never would. He lays her gently on a bare exam table before the pain forces him to his knees. Rydan hisses between his teeth, sinking against the table with a strained gasp.

"Don't leave me, Ry. Please don't leave me."

"I'm here," he says.

She lowers her hand. He takes it.

They both know but dare not admit it.

As he slowly begins to die, he thinks of when they first met. Flashes of her and Mod Navris on Tatooine when Scott St. Claire first brought them to him, ruining what should have been a romantic rendezvous. The running, Trade Federation in pursuit, meeting Valerie and the debacles of her rise to political power, the anguished look on her face when she demanded he flee with Kimber as Phage was closing in, the sense of pride he took in accepting that mission, taking it to heart, realizing just how much he cared for Kimber and now wishing he had not failed.

The pain is beyond words, darkness closing in.

"Kimber," he whispers hoarsely. "I'm sorry I can't stay."

His hand drops to his side and the room goes silent.

Kimber lies her head back, sobbing, alone, clutching her contracting stomach, calling out, a soft whimper.
"Somebody help me....please...."


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Re: Corellia Shines
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Centerpoint Station

The entire station seemed to be in chaos.  No one was quite sure what was going on, who was fighting who.  It wasn't just the imperials anymore - though by now, thousands had managed to board at Centerpoint's hangars and were gaining some small footholds further in.  Now, there were a new terror - or at least, a terror to any Corellian with a memory of the past few years.  What were droids doing HERE, and WHO were they working for?  At first, it seemed as though they were focusing solely on fighting the imperials but as more Corellians were freed from the controlling power of Saga Judec and Alexander Winton, the droids seemed to understand they had more enemies.

Artemis got only glances of all this as he weaved his way through the station, through paths he had learned well.  Not quite as cautious as he should have been, he was in a hurry.

Finally, he reached the place where he first discovered the plots that were going on, the bunker in the lower level where he had found Della, promised he would save her, would free her.  But when he arrived, the room was empty, as was the training center immediately next door.  Apparently, all the troops had been ordered out long enough ago.  They could be anywhere by now.  Trying to orient themselves to being free, amidst the fierce fighting.  And Della was out there, somewhere.  She could, of course, already be dead, but that was a thought Artemis could not accept right now. He had promised to save her, and he would keep that promise.

But first - first, he had to save the Corellians as a whole.  Moving through the empty bunker, he came to a small hologram on the wall, a tiny map of the station, with blinking dots in varying colors.  blue was obviously imperial soldiers.  red?  probably imperials, since they were mostly by the hangar bays.  Orange could have been droids.  Pink?  A weird color for a military map.  Probably noncombatants?  Or, he reasoned, it could be the jedi and her friends.  Something about them made pink a definite possibility as their color-code.

They were not his concern now.  Corellians were stationed all over Centerpoint, but if they were going to beat the droids, Saga Judec, and Alexander Winton, they had to work together.

Artemis nodded.  He knew what he had to do.  The same thing he had to do to beat the training program.   It was break the rules, break the expectations.

Pulling from the armory locker a fresh set of blasters, he rushed out of the bunker to his next destination.

A half hour later, Artemis made his way into the station's forward communications bay.  On the floor around him, a half dozen or so Corellian troops were holding their heads, groaning.  He sympathized, but he ignored them.  Instead, he moved straight to the station's intercomm, flipping it on.

"Members of the Corellian Defense Force - My name is Artemis Soldys.  I am, like you, a soldier.  I joined the ranks to defend Corellia from the evils that would have us destroyed.  To defend us from Phage, from the Empire.  But we have been deceived, and we have been betrayed.  High Commander Saga Judec tempted the Empire to attack us, putting our people in jeopardy.  He violated the sacred law, that Corellia will never allow the use of battle droids again, and has created massive armies to fight for him.  And he enslaved us with machines, taking away our ability to think, our ability to fight for what is right.  These crimes cannot go unignored.  This station - Centerpoint Station - is a symbol of Judec's corrupt reign.  Now, we have been freed.  Freed to make our own decisions.  We are tired, we are drained, but we are Corellians, and we know what is right.  I ask you all to now make a choice.  If you are too weak to fight - make your way to an evacuation point. Get off this station.  But if you are prepared to stand for what is right, have the strength and fortitude to defend Corellia against our own sinister traitor - then gather what arms you can.  And together, we will destroy this abomination.  This station, and the droid plague.


Artemis cut off the intercomm, glancing down at the Corellians around him, all of whom were staring up at him with an odd kind of admiration.  Reaching down, he helped one of them up.

"THat was amazing"

Artemis shrugged

"It needed to be done.  Can all of you fight?"

They looked at each other, nodding, then helping each other up.

"Where to?"

"We need to stop Saga Judec, and destroy the weapon.  And he will have a contingent of droids protecting him"

One of the other soldiers spoke up.

"Can we disable the droids?  I mean, they are being controlled remotely"

Artemis smiled

"They are semi-independent drones, but yes, that's the plan.  We shut down Judec's control on the droids, and he will be out of an army.  then, we can finish this station off for good"

"What about the Empire?"

"The Empire has their own problems, and we can deal with them later. But right now, I'm pretty sure we have a common enemy.  If we seem imperial troops - try to get them to stop shooting at us.  Alright, let's go"

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Re: Corellia Shines
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Centerpoint Station

Artemis now had a contingent of about three dozen Corellian troops following him.  The first stop - and possibly the hardest - was the main armory, housing the heavy weaponry needed to effectively fight against droids.  When they arrived, they found the path one way was blocked off, and a handful of Corellians were struggling to hold off oncoming droids.

Artemis quickly surveyed the scene, ordering his men - they had quickly become 'his' men, even though he was not officially a commander - to move several large crates to take cover, while a dozen or so moved into the armory to stock up.  With more men, heavier weapons could be utilized, and those pressed hardest gained relief.  The Corellians were starting to turn the battle, and the contingent of droids sent to secure the armory from the now disloyal humans were thrown back. Finally, the coast was clear.

"There will be more of them coming.  Much more.  Everyone, take what arms you can - heavy weaponry, explosives, anything you can carry - and then we're blowing the armory.  If we can't use it, neither can they"

Five minutes later, the location was set to blow, Artemis' forces pulling away before punching the trigger.
The heavy blast door bubbled out, but it did its duty, containing the explosion to the weaponry inside.  A quick inspection insured that there was nothing left of use, and then they moved on.

Artemis's forces were on the move again.  The force moved into another secure corridor when they hit another contingent of droids, larger this time, and better organized.

"Fall back"

The Corellians took cover as droids began moving at them, firing, pressing them back.  Several unlucky soldiers were gunned down, Artemis frowning and looking around for options.

How to get around the system.  To his left, a vent shaft, narrower than some of the normal access ports, but he knew it was what he was looking for.  Turning to his troops, he gave an order.

"I need a handful of you to come with me, the rest, keep up the distraction here"

Through the vent they went, covered by the rest of the brave Corellians.  They crawled forward, closer and closer to the droid's position, careful to avoid being seen as they passed a ventilation shaft next to the enemy, slipping behind the droids and then coming out, quietly as possible.  A toss of several detonators, and the droid force was in disarray.  Followed by heavy blaster fire, and the Corellians outdid their mechanical counterparts again.

And onward

The droid control chamber may have been their target, but they ended up reaching the weapon's main calculator first.  Scientists were still here, guarded by only a handful of droids, remarkably enough.  A quick attack, and the droids were down, Artemis facing off against the Corellian scientists.

"How could you have done this"
"We were doing what we thought was best for Corellia.  We were loyal to Saga Judec"
"Well, Judec is a traitor, which means so were his followers"

"Not everyone believes that, you know.  Judec DID save Corellia - and he had the army behind him."

Artemis glanced behind himself now, looking at the grim faced contingent of Corellians. Then back to the scientist.

"They aren't behind him anymore.  I am hereby commandeering this station on behalf of the Corellian people.  Arrest them"

Several minutes later, with scientists secured, Artemis was looking over the mechanics that controlled the station's controls.  All of them were recently built, despite the station's ancient history.

"If we destroy this room, it could still be rebuilt, sometime in the future.  I'd like to keep that from happening"
"What do you suggest?"

Artemis moved toward one of the monitors, a huge display of the firefight going on OUTSIDE the station, seemingly an isolated occurrence amidst the internal chaos.  There, one imperial vessel was picking up speed, heading toward the station as if to ram into it.  Wow, the imperials had either gotten stupid or desperate.  Artemis didn't know or care.

"The weapon is capable of firing anywhere.  It can hit almost anywhere in the galaxy, and it can hit right on its doorstep.  But what would happen if it fired into its very heart?  If we set the weapon to fire at that ship - that star destroyer - let it acquire the target and then give it enough time to collide, then the weapon will essentially be firing on itself.  That should keep the station inoperable"

"But there are still a lot of people onboard"

Artemis nodded

"Then it's time we get everyone else off this bucket.  A team of you, head up and disable the droids. Anything you do would be helpful.  The rest of you, start moving through the station, collect anyone you can find, and help them get to a ship.  Even once the weapon hits, it will still be several minutes before the destruction reaches the outskirts of the station.  We may get lucky."

They nodded, a now fiercely loyal team, and Artemis was left with only a small group.  Together, with the assistance of the bound scientists (not the most willing, but anyone can be convinced when faced with angry soldiers), they set the coordinates.

"Make sure the station doesn't lock down when it counts down and fires. We don't want anyone trapped"

Overriding a few security and safety settings, they clicked off the buttons needed to trigger the weapon.  Artemis moved over to the plastic cover, flipped it up, and pressed down on the big red button, Setting Centerpoint to fire one last time.

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Re: Corellia Shines
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Centerpoint Station

"Evacuate.  Everyone.  Now"

A few charges were set to make sure the weapon could not be stopped.  It's target was on course.  Artemis and the men with his signalled whatever alarms they could, and began running, fast, out of the room.  Explosion.  That was it.  The course was set, everything was in motion.

It felt like forever and no time at all when they heard it, the last bit of the countdown.

"Firing in 10 ... 9 ... 8 ... 7 ... 6... 5 ...  4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...  FIRING NOW"

The station shook, the lights flashed off and for a moment, just a moment, everything was still and silent.  A moment later, the lights were on again, and sirens were blaring, louder than ever.

"That's it!  Time's up!  Let's go!"

Running, fast as they could to the docking bay.

As soon as they arrived, Artemis waved the rest of them on to the nearest shuttle, regardless of who's command it had been under originally.  A few droids still were active, the more independent variety, firing indiscriminately at Corellians and imperials, who also seemed to be evacuating.

Then he saw her. Artemis saw across the room, armed with not one but two heavy blasters, Della, her short, strawberry blonde hair looked disheveled, but he didn't care.  He was just glad she was alive.  Lifting a heavy blaster, he moved forward, ready to help her and a few other soldiers finish off the droids.

A stray blaster fire caught her in the gut, and Della went down.  Artemis ran faster, coming up to her side.


She turned to look at him, smirking.

"Oh sure, now you show up"
"I'm sorry I didn't get here soon enough ..."

She winced, but looked up at him.

"You did good Artemis.  You did good.  But you damn well better find me some bacta soon, because if this gets infected, I will come after you myself"

Artemis nodded, glancing around him and finding a medpack stored against the wall.  Grabbing it, he pulled it open, placing a bacta patch on the wound, Della wincing loudly.

"I may come after you anyways"

She winked, and Artemis couldn't help but smile.

"I'm glad your alive, Della."
"You too, Artie"

The droids were finally down, and a stretcher was brought over.  Della protested at first, and when offered a sedative, she simply shook her head.

"I've been asleep too long.  I'm not missing any more of my life."

She grabbed the sedative sringe and tossed it to the floor, then lifted herself onto the stretcher that began carting her away.

"Don't be too long, hero boy"

Artemis nodded, watching as she was carried away, then turned back to the entrance, watching to see if any others were coming.

The station shook, violently, and then they heard the sound of metal beginning to protest against a stress.  time had run out.

Artemis ran to the shuttle, jumping in.

"All ships, take off.  Get out of here now!"

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Re: Corellia Shines
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Dozens of ships appeared around Corellia, but no one was fighting.  No one was warring.

It was no fleet that appeared, not the shiny Corellian Dreadnaughts that had brought war on the Empire.  It was a fairly diverse group of freighters, carriers, corvettes.  A handful or two of Corellian Dreadnaughts were among the group, but they were battered and damaged and hardly consisted of a fleet.

The Corellian Defense Force, like the Confederation, was in shatters.  The leadership was all gone, and it was unclear how to progress.

The returning ships arrived not to victory, but to a junkyard.

Hundreds of Imperial ships were floating, crumpled masses, the work of the Centerpoint weapon.  So to where Corellian ships and orbital platforms.  Even the planet had suffered, massive earthquakes causing much death and destruction.

Over the past few days, most people weren't even sure what had happened or what was happening.  The war on their doorstep had disappeared without a word.  So all there was was cleaning up the rubble.

Artemis Soldys sat staring out the viewport of the shuttle he was on. Staring out at a very different Corellia than the one he had left months ago.  He shook his head.  Saga Judec was defeated (he had been on Centerpoint, according to several others), but at what cost?

His thoughts were interrupted as a young soldier approached, knocking on the durasteel wall before entering.


Artemis still found it odd to suddenly be addressed as a superior.  He had heard whispers among his ship - and from communications with others - that several wanted him raised to High Commander, head of the defense force, to help rebuild the confederation.  He found it odd that these people so quickly wanted to replace the horrible situation they had.  Of course, these were military folk. It was what they knew.  It was really all they knew.  And he, apparently, was all they trusted right now.

Artemis nodded his head, rising.

"We need to organize a defensive rotation - for Corellia, and for all of the worlds that are still under the Confederation banner.  I don't want pirates taking advantage of the chaos we've gone through.  Organize all capable military ships into ten groups, diversified fighting power, and have them spread out to Confederation worlds.  Then, let's get the civilian governors together on Corellia."

"Yes sir"

"It's time for a change"

3 weeks later ....

In three weeks, much of Saga Judec's military government had been deconstructed.  Several new rules had been implemented, to ensure power stayed with civilians.

First and foremost, no active military personnel could hold a civilian position, nor could they override said position.  Marshall law could only be declared by civilian leadership.  And perhaps most importantly of all, the Confederation of worlds was officially disbanded.

At a meeting of governors, representing all of the Confederation worlds - with Artemis representing Corellia, in the absence of a governor - it was decided the worlds would maintain a mutual defense force but independent governments.  An alliance with less centralized control.

Artemis himself had steadfastly refused taking on a position as leader of the worlds, believing it would only lead to disaster in the future.  He did, however, take on a new role of leadership on Corellia itself.  At the behest of the governors, Artemis Soldys accepted the appointment as head of the Corellian Security Force, taking the position that had belonged to Frank Farmer.  Director Soldys was determined to keep the CSF out of the hands of the military, though cooperation was welcomed.

Della, after her experiences on Centerpoint, had resigned from the military and taken on a role within Corellia's civilian government, working as an assistant to the acting governor (at least until the upcoming elections).

The position of High Commander was left vacant as well, the sector governors believing it should be a position decided by all of them at a later time.  Instead, 10 admirals each was the highest military authority for a defensive fleet, the organization Artemis had set up.  The fleets rotated to provide protection for the worlds in the sector.

Centerpoint was a massive field of debris, a graveyard to hundreds of thousands.  Civilians were forbidden from traveling there, and the defensive fleets would rotate for a shift through its remains.  The area in the sector's deep space, between the planets of Talus and Tralus was suffering from severe gravitational disruptions, the after effects of the station's demise. travelers were encouraged to navigate around the area when traveling through hyperspace.

Another rule was promulgated as well, in light of the discovery that Judec had again utilized battle droids to expand his dominion.  Droids of any military nature were banned throughout the sector, and droids of an intelligence level above a standard protocol unit were also banned.  Anyone seen buying, selling, manufacturing, distributing, or possessing of such a droid was subject to severe penalties under the terms of the treaty.  And any unauthorized droid found would be taken into the possession of the military and summarily melted down.

One of the defensive fleets was always stationed also on the western border of the sector, warily watching in the direction of the deep core - the Empire had gone away, at least for now, but there was never any certainty that they too wouldn't strike again.

So it was, for the time being, the destruction that had been rought by Saga Judec and the mysterious Alexander Winton led to a peace among the people of Corellia.  The question was, of course, how long would it last.
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