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OOC Cantina / Sorry about the downtime
« Last post by SWSF Hoppus on February 19, 2024, 08:43:57 PM »
Fixed it, though!
Star Wars: The Crimson Covenant / Re: CC: Corellian Birthright
« Last post by Medivh on February 09, 2024, 11:41:30 AM »


Surface: Coronet City

Inspector Thekla's frustration at his lack of access shows on his face as he again tries to access the file.

Project Sucellus: Classified

He wasn't actually expecting a different answer, but somehow he kept making the attempts.  It seemed only the Director himself could provide access, something he would be less inclined to do now that he had been placed on leave.

Thekla's thoughts are interrupted by a chime at his door, and he stands to open it.

There, standing before him, the spitting image of Corellian hero Valerie Gellar, with a face of hardened determination.
"Where's Riley?"
The voice was a asking a question, but the threat behind it was unmistakable.
"Who ... who are you?"Thekla takes a step back, his hand moving to the holster on his side, ready to pull it out.

"No - stop that - both of you"
From behind the Gellar look alike, none other then Artemis Soldys came forward.
"Inspector, we are not here to harm you or threaten you"
Even as Artemis directed his comments at Inspector Thekla, his gaze was turned to the woman, who glared back at him before her face softened.
Only then did Artemis turn to face the inspector.
"This is Mara Tacofer.  She is Riley Patten's aunt and guardian - or at least, she was before he became an adult.  Ms. Tacofer is assisting Corellia in its defensive maneuvers"
The Inspector looked from one to the other, a concerned look on his face.
"You mean ... against the Republic?"
"The Republic - for one.  But Corellia is facing many dangers, as is the galaxy as a whole.  Mara here, and Riley Patten, are both assisting in ensuring Corellia remains free."
"But ... what about the investigation?  the attack on the Director, on CorSec?  the explosion ..."
Artemis looked over at Mara, then back at Thekla.
"You've known of me for a while now, Thekla.  You know I have stood up for the Corellian Sector my entire life.  That is where my loyalties have always lied.  And that's where they stay.  Are you loyal to Corellia, Thekla?"

The question caught him off-guard.  Yes, he knew of the trouble in the Republic, but he never thought that Corellia and the Republic would be facing against each other, not withstanding what he had been hearing.

"Yes sir"
"Our operation has been keeping at arms-length from CorSec and the other civilian institutions. If everything goes bad for us, they could maintain plausible deniability.  I can tell you everything you want to know, Thekla.  Answer every one of your questions about what Riley is doing and why.  But if I do, you lose that plausible deniabilty.  You would be implicated.  Labeled, like me, a traitor to the Republic.  But on the other hand, it will explain why the Director needs to be returned to duty, and Riley Patten needs to be free - and free of surveillance.
So, Inspector, are you ready to be on the inside?"
Again, Thekla's gaze turned from Mara to Soldys, back and forth, before he finally nodded his head.

"Yes sir"

"Alrigh. then you had better sit down"
Star Wars: The Crimson Covenant / Re: CC: Corporate Greed
« Last post by Syren on January 23, 2024, 07:05:59 PM »
"You can ask yourself
Are we having fun?
You can ask yourself
If I am the one
But all that I know
Is money and love
Love and money
Money and love.
Love and money."

Corporate Sector

Etti IV: Mondder

Garron Prescott idles by the landing platforms across from Gellar Tower.

His jaw is set tight beneath a pair of dark sunglasses and a cap that makes him look like an anxious tourist which is not entirely unexpected given his daring escape from this very building not all that long ago. Alka Dawning sighs, something she has become quite good at, eyes rising slowly up the impossibly textured exteriors of the skyline.

“This will never work. Coaching me from the sidelines is only going to piss everyone off, especially with Jedi in the mix.”

“Perhaps,” he says, trying to keep his tone south of shrill. “But what alternative do you see? I am compromised so I cannot do it myself. If everything you told me is true then it has already begun. Closing in on those The Four hold dear is the precursor to a final confrontation, one which will determine an outcome that seems to have been in play for longer than anyone realized. I often wonder how much Rutherford knew, if he was not stuck in a different loop, one strengthened by ambition and grief. He had his motives. I suppose we all do.”

“How comforting,” Alka groans, rolling her eyes. “Wait, if I am telling the truth? Wow, you really are something lately. We are not imagining these things, Garron, despite what they may have done to your head.”

“I do not think you are lying but allowing for the possibility it could be misinterpreted. It would not be the first time. You need to be careful.”

“Yeah, no kidding.”

Garron manages a weak smile, “I need you to be a source of reason for Dane while infiltrating the Direx board for their connections and security. There is greater visibility and insight with that access. You already have an in, you just need to capitalize on the opportunity. Can you do that?”

“Yes, but not sure it will be enough if he is intent on nose-diving into Gemma’s fatalistic assessment of the situation. Also, we lied to their faces. The Direx board would willingly sacrifice us if we were exposed. Blood for blood.”

His voice is trembling, “I will try to help with that. Hopefully, it will buy you time. Dane has considerable resources which is why I do not believe he will be directly targeted first. It would be easier to eliminate Masterton and Patten…”


“But that is not to say they will not make him suffer along the way to bend him to their will. He is not short on enemies. None of you are.”

Alka throws a glance behind her as she steps out onto the platform, “I’ll keep that in mind.”

The lift ride is spent in quiet reflection. Everything seems to be closing in but she pushes through with the same determination that makes her such a sensation on stage. She approaches Ximena’s desk slowly and watches the admin’s eyes widen at the sight of her. Alka only made a half-hearted attempt at pulling herself together after the attack and rescue.

“Uh, hey. Irunlan in?”

Ximena glances down at her screen, “She’s wrapping up a call but…”

“It’ll only take a moment.”

She nods, tapping away at her keypad. Ximena has a list of priority individuals Irulan can be interrupted for, something her boss was rather vague but stern about. She did not question the directive and looks to the shaken prima ballerina.

“You can go on in.”

Inside the cavernous office, light piercing the room in sharp angles, Irulan rises behind her desk.

“I must say this is a surprise, albeit a pleasant one. Dane and his companions think you have been abducted or worse. They are on D’ian freaking out as we speak but I will send for them. I am pleased to see you have not fallen victim to their worst fears.”

Alka approaches and falls gracefully into one of the plush chairs, “For the moment, at least.”

“Our people discreetly took care of your slain security so no worries there. Best not to involve the Espos if we do not have to. May I ask what happened?”

“I was attacked.”

“Anyone we know?”

“Unclear,” she says, sweater sliding down her shoulder to reveal the cut on her shoulder. “I escaped before I got a look at them.”

“Well done but it clearly warrants further investigation.” 

Irulan rounds the desk, removing the bandage Garron placed there to take a look at the wound. 

“This needs treatment.”

“So, you are a medic as well?”

“I can do many things. Help build then grow this company with Rutherford; teach Dane in these ways, and try to keep him safe so that he may run it if he so chooses. However, the success of any of our business ventures is not dependent on his survival – although it is preferable.”

Irulan retrieves a small medkit and meticulously sets the contents on the desk behind her. Alka allows her to work, wincing slightly at the antiseptic sting, “That is more consideration than we would likely get otherwise.”

“You are speaking of the troubles with your father and those scrambling at Dawning Enterprises in his absence.”

“I should not be talking to you about this.”

“We are not competitors, Alka.”

“More so investment opportunity or acquisition target. I know how this works.”

“Good, then you also know it is not personal. Would you rather D’Ken’s company be torn to pieces internally or continue to flourish with Gellar Enterprise capital?”

Alka watches her suture the wound carefully but quickly then apply a fresh bandage. She has endured worse through grueling practice sessions, pushing her body to the limits for a jump or turn that appears effortless to the audience. Dane had said as much about their position, as obvious and trite as it may be. Such is the way of things here and while she may be more jaded than she wishes to be having grown up in this world, it does not dampen the fight in her.

“You make it sound so harmless. Like it would not destroy his legacy in the process.”

“Is this a legacy you wish to inherit and continue?”

“I make my own way,” she says defiantly, a mixture of rage and sorrow glowing behind her dark eyes.

“Yes, you do. And you are lucky not to be tied to your father’s business materially. It gives you far more flexibility with your future outside the twisted webs the corporations weave. You are the principal dancer in the most prestigious company in or out of the Sector with more influence than you may realize. Considering I am a fan myself, I would not be betraying my duties by telling you that there is a silver lining here.”

“I know which is why we will accept the roles of Direx.”

Irulan steps back, “Interesting. I expected that of Dane but was not entirely sure you would.”

“We have an opportunity to do some good.”

“Is that all?”

“No,” she says, recalling Dane’s words.“These positions bring us power and power equals leverage. Also, I can keep an eye on him considering his more…troubling thoughts these days.”

Irulan replaces the kit in her desk drawer and then draws a finger across the back of her chair.

“You love him. That is a statement of fact, not a judgment. I loved once and was loved in return. What I would not give to feel that again but that is no longer my purpose. As I said, although preferred, his survival is not tied to a successful business outcome.”


Necessary, so consider this carefully: if he chooses this path and you follow him down it, will you die with him or for him?”


Beneath the tower, Dr. Maumbile has procured everything he needs. Cloning tanks, hibernation chambers, and an impressive array of tools to assist with any genetic tinkering. He has begun his work, the work that Rutherford Gellar first procured his services to assist with. Now, he would honor his benefactor and friend by ensuring that while the prophecy must be fulfilled, there would be a dormant contingency ready to counter whatever darkness may follow.

Maumbile holds up a vial, extracted from the blood of Dane’s last diagnostic sample, and smiles.

Rutherford would have his revenge.

OOC Cantina / Re: Email notifications
« Last post by SWSF Eidolon on January 21, 2024, 08:18:46 PM »
hover cursor over links in following chain to pull the drop down menus up to select next step..

Profile > Account Settings > Modify Profile > Personal Messaging

Notifying By Email When get a Pm line, drop down menu..  select Always, Never or From Buddies Only.

it goes back to Never every time it is set to something else and you click Change Profile to presumably Save at bottom

dunno if that helps solve at all
OOC Cantina / Re: Email notifications
« Last post by SWSF Hoppus on January 15, 2024, 02:16:40 PM »
Meh dont seem to be working.

I need to rebuild this damn site.
OOC Cantina / Re: Email notifications
« Last post by gallpizi on January 12, 2024, 09:51:02 PM »
Haven't gotten any
OOC Cantina / Re: Simming Discussion
« Last post by SWSF Hoppus on January 09, 2024, 08:39:46 PM »
We're slowly working on putting stuff together. Hopefully 2024 is the year we can get a game going with plenty of nostalgic appeal.
OOC Cantina / Email notifications
« Last post by SWSF Hoppus on January 09, 2024, 05:02:43 PM »
Can folks confirm if email notifications are going out? I can send you a PM to see if the email arrives. They don't seem to be, for me? Please shoot me a PM to confirm if you don't mind.
OOC Cantina / Re: Happy holidays!
« Last post by SWSF Hoppus on December 24, 2023, 12:11:39 PM »
Merry Christmas!
OOC Cantina / Happy holidays!
« Last post by George on December 22, 2023, 09:00:50 PM »
I came across this classic 1981 Santa Yoda Christmas card today, and finding it made for a nice excuse to post here and wish you all happy holidays. So, happy holidays!

If you have some downtime and are on Discord, drop by the SWSF server at and say hello!
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